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at your service


'At Your Service' is a fun, interactive performance about how phone calls interrupt daily life. 

During the act, the audience are able to call at any time and interrupt the performance - therefore sharing in the responsibility of how the act will progress.

This piece is different every time and allows the audience to really be a part of the performance.

falling up

'Falling UP' is an educational performance about the laws of physics and how they impact the human body in the context of circus.

Made with the collaboration and support of the Institute of Physics Scotland, this piece started life as a video project but is now also available as a live act.

It is perfect for science festivals, schools or other educational events and is a fun, accessible way to look at the concepts of physics and experience them in a real-life setting.

spring cleaning

'Spring Cleaning' is a piece which speaks of the primal nature of humans and our ancient connection to the Earth. It is a tribute to that which sustains life.

After ritualistically covering herself in mud, the performer takes to the air and moves about the trapeze, painting it with the mud from her body as she goes.

This piece is suitable for artistic events or exhibitions and open-minded cabaret events. 

_R8A9943 (2).jpg

'Constellation' is the simplest and most traditional act in the portfolio. Focused only on movement aesthetics and weaving them together with music, this beautiful, esoteric piece hints at mysticism and the exotic.

This act is extremely versatile and is perfect for cabarets, festivals, artistic events and parties.

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